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Sonoma Valley

The amazing valley blessed with abundant natural beauty, and it has all it takes to qualify itself as dream.

Brewsters Beer Garden

Brewsters Beer Garden is a place in Sonoma County that you cannot afford to miss.

Sonoma Coast

Sonoma has an amazing coast where you can spend a whole day with your loved ones without getting bored.

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Sunset Spots

Witnessing the sun go down deep inside the majestic pacific ocean is something that cannot be explained in words.

hill stations

The high altitude majestic hills are great assets to the place that attracts a lot of people from all over the world.

Camp Grounds

There are a lot of places in Sonoma County where you can camp and have a great time.

terrific hotels

If you are ever planning to go to Sonoma County your accommodation is the last thing that you need to worry about as they have amazing hotels that can provide great accommodation.

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  • Sonoma County is a place where you can immerse yourself in the awesomeness of the place that has a lot to offer. All it takes is just an hour from busy San Francisco, and you will witness a whole new place. There are even possibilities that you might wonder if you are in the US. The place is blessed with abundant natural beauty and a lot of other things that will make you fall in love with it. In this article, we will see the things that you should do in Sonoma County.

    Wine tasting

    A trip without wine tasting in Sonoma County is absolutely incomplete. There are more than 425 wineries in the place. Just take highway 12, and you will come across a lot of wineries. It is also an amazing drive. So if you are able to make it to the wineries in the morning, you can enjoy the ride or drive in the evening. Some of the famous wineries include Jacksons Wine Estate and Gardens, St.Francis Winery and vineyards and Benziger Family Winery. Make sure to taste the fresh wine from one of these wineries.

    Farm fresh food

    Farm fresh food is not just an asset in Sonoma County. We might find it amazing because in many parts of the world fresh food has become luxury. In Sonoma County, it is a way of life. It does not matter if it is a food truck or proper restaurant; you can always expect farm-fresh food. The freshness of the food is very much evident in the taste and the feel of the dishes that are served. From the simplest vegetable salads to the properly done stake everything is organic and farm fresh.

    Coffee Shops

    There are many of the world's top coffee shops and cafes all throughout Sonoma County. Millions come for the wine, but THOUSANDS come to enjoy our custom Valley Brews. It's often told that tourist should keep even the best Nespresso machines at home to enjoy all Sonoma County has to offer.  There are quite a few of these types of coffee shop in the area, from Barking Dog Roaster to Acre coffee.

    Walking and hiking

    As mentioned earlier Sonoma County is a place that is filled with a lot of natural elements. The place has more than sixty natural parks. More than 200000 acres are protected from any form of development. Taking a walk through these parks will definitely get you a step close to nature. If you are someone who is up for challenges you can drop in at the Austin Creek State Recreation Area. It is a twenty-mile trail where you can indulge in a lot of physical activities.

    The Russian River and Lake Sonoma

    It does not matter whether you want to fish or just swim; this is an amazing place to spend the entire day. You can also indulge in some water sports activities like kayaking, paddle boats, jet skis, and sailboats. Even if you do not have the necessary gadgets, you can rent them from the nearby shops.

    Pacific Coast

    Sonoma County bears a beautiful fifty-mile coastline. The pristine beaches are the perfect place to take a dip and have some fun with your loved ones. The entire coastline is perfectly maintained with coast guards. If you are lucky, you can see the migrating whales and sea lions that will be an absolute treat for your eyes.

  • Grapes are considered good for health. The grape juice is even better for people of all ages. Young, as well as kids and adults, can consume grape juice to boost their energy level and it fights a number of diseases too. In this post, we will guide the users on how they can make grape juice using a juicer.

    1. Wash the Grapes
    Whenever you have to make juice of grapes, the first thing you need to do is to wash the grapes with fresh water. It will remove any kind of dirt, germs and other bacteria. This is a very healthy practice that everyone should follow in order to prevent health infections.
    1. Remove Stems
    When you are done with washing the grapes, now you should remove the stems. The stems are big and can easily be removed without any issues. If you don’t remove the stems, they may spoil the taste of your final product, juice. That is why always remove stems for better taste.
    1. Use a Good Quality Juicer
    This was all you need to do to prepare the grapes for juice. Now you will need to go out and find the best juicer you can find. It is really important to understand that the juicer should be of good quality that is reliable and offers you juice of better taste. Some juicers fail after one or two attempts. You should be careful about this.
    1. Collect the Skin
    People who use centrifugal juicer should know that grapes produce naked skin. This skin should not be a part of the juice as it reduces the quality of taste. You should collect the skin in a separate basket and dispose of it.
    1. Your Juice is Ready
    Now the juice should be ready and you can enjoy it. This is all you have to do in order to make your grape juice and enjoy it. You should follow these steps whenever you have to make the grape juice.

    A Quick Video Demo

    Health Benefits of Grape Juice

    grapes for juicerFollowing are some of the top health benefits of grape juice.
    1. Essential Vitamins
    Vitamins are really important for human health. They strengthen your bones, glow the skin as well as increase vision. Luckily, grape juice contains a number of vitamins like A, B1, B2, C, iron, calcium, and potassium.
    1. Good for Overall Health
    Grape juice is rich in antioxidants which are necessary for health improvement. Thus grape juice keeps you in good health.
    1. Improves Your Skin
    When you make grape juice, the seeds are also included in it. The grape seeds contain OPC compounds which are quite well-known for improving skin and making it soft and smooth.
    1. Regenerate Blood Cells
    As you consume grape juice, it helps in the regeneration of blood cells and walls. Thus it keeps improving your fitness and overall well-being.
    1. Fight Cancer
    Interestingly, the grape skin contains a compound called resveratrol which is famous for cancer treatment. This compound helps people fight cancer and stay fitter and healthier.

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